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Today, I was walking to the bookstore in my neighborhood and peeked into a “Free Little Library” and noticed 3 books within that little box that contained math.  Without really stopping, I glanced at the titles and noticed these 3 titles had very different audiences they were intended for.  The first book was intended for adults:


I realized that an adult has looked through this book, learned what they needed to learn and then decided to share that knowledge with others that may need it.  I thought about parents trying to understand what their children are working on in their classrooms.  Math is not always easy and does not come naturally for many children.  I admired the thought of parents looking through and practicing concepts in this book after their kids go to bed in order to be a part of their educational lives and be able to be somewhat prepared for when their kids ask for help on their homework.

I also thought about adults who are taking the GMAT to further their education or people that are trying to understand their own professional careers, people that are trying to buy a house or finance a car.  There are so many aspects throughout our lives that involve math, many of them, very important.  The other two books I saw were for a much younger audience:



While these books are very different from one another, I realized that they all have pieces of information that I am currently working on within my mathematical journey. The two children’s books have more simple concepts, but are available to me in my life as well.  They are ideas of word problems and fractions we need to know in our world.  We are looking at how many chairs are available for people as you increase chairs and decrease people or vice versa.  We saw a dinosaur work on the order of operations as well as a new way to understand multiplication.  These may be basic concepts, but as I have learned recently we can always work on mental math and the order of operations within our daily lives whether its learning it for our children, or learning it for ourselves. It only gets easier with practical application.  These are concepts that will help us throughout our lives and it starts with the basics! Don’t give up, no matter your age! There are stories, little libraries, dinosaurs, people that will help you through.


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